Voice Controlled Blinds is where it's at. Whether you want to control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant we can help. With the easy to use app you can set up and control your blinds to not only work via voice control but to be raised and lowered at pre-set times of the day.

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How do they work?

The amazing thing is we don't need to hardwire the blinds into your home. We can provide smart blinds that are rechargeable and that means no electricians, no chasing out wires and a low impact installation in your home. Of course if you want hardwired blinds we can do those to.

You can control your blinds via app, remote control or via voice as the app integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Is there any other clever stuff they can do?

Oh yes! You can put your blinds on a timer so that they open and close at certain times of the day and specific days. Fancy a lie in at the weekend well then just set the timer for Saturdays and Sundays for that little bit later. You can even just tell them to open at sunrise and close at sunset and it will work with the changing time of year.

You can group your blinds not just by room but say 'back of house' and these can work on a different schedule to your other rooms or areas.

What do you need at your end?

You need to have a google home app or google assistant enabled device or Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show and wifi of course - 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi with Internet. If we are covering larger areas you may need several smart controllers to spread the signal.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.

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