French Door


How you cover French or Patio Doors with a window dressing has always been a problem. Long gone are the days of a beaded curtain or a heavy curtain that needs to be moved to one side to be able to exit to the garden. Our french door blinds are fixed to the doors themselves and there are numerous options which ensure this can be done with style.

What are the benefits of a French or Patio door blind?

The ingenious elements of French or Patio door blinds are that they are physically attached to your door and therefore open with your door ensuring easy entry and exit from the home. We carry a number of different blinds that can be mounted to your door. Some requite fitting to the door by mounting the headrail to the door whilst others require no drilling or screwing at all.

Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds?

We carry two options as far as blinds are concerned that require no screwing. Perfect Fit and Intu are market leaders. The key difference is that Perfect Fit has a frame work that overlaps the window bead and intu sits inside the glass recess apart from the headrail. In the case of venetian blinds Perfect Fit uses a wand to control the tilt of the slats while the intu has a slider in the head rail which has the same function.

What Types of Blinds Can be Mounted to French/Patio?

Blinds available include single pleated, honeycomb, wood venetian 25mm, metal venetian 15mm and 25mm as well as roller blinds.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.