Perfect Fit


The Great Blind Co.’s perfect blind are manufactured to sit within the frame of your uPVC window. Because they sit so flush to the window and because there is no need for cords you end up with a fuss free, modern look. This flush fit also ensures that you maximise the space – so if you have a small room or like that stripped back look these blinds are ideal.

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How Do Perfect Fit Blinds Work?

Because the perfect fit blind is mounted on the window rather than the window recess the blind moves with the window when you open it. This means no need to lift heavy blinds out of the way when you want to air the room. Perfect fit are ideal for patio doors and mean that access in and out of the house is not hindered by needing to move window/door coverings out of the way.

Perfect fit blinds require no drilling or screwing. This ensures there are no potential issues with warranties on your windows. Our surveyors will measure the windows and doors and will take you through your product choices. On installation, we will assemble the frames and blinds and fit these by inserting the frame between the glass and rubber glazing bead. Your blind moves up and down this framework via a small handle and in the case of venetians a small rod is attached to the blind that you can twist to adjust slat position.

What Types Of Blinds Are Available in Perfect Fit?

There are a number of different types of blinds that can be used in conjunction with perfect fit including pleated, honeycomb, roller as well as wood and metal venetian blinds.

Can Perfect Fit Be Used in Conservatory Roofs?

We can make shaped perfect fit blinds in pleated fabric. On rectangular window openings we are able to offer all the types of blinds listed above. Read more on our conservatory blinds page.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.

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