The Great Blind Co. can provide remote control blinds for nearly every type of blind available. We use only the best motors such as Somfy and Louvolite when automating blinds and this can be either hardwired or non-hardwired. Our non-hardwired option means that retro-fit solutions can be installed without the need for an electrician or chasing out of walls.

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How do non-hardwired blinds work?

There are two different types of battery that are available in the non-hardwired blind option and the type available depends on the type of blind you would like installed as well as the option you would prefer. One option is for a small external battery pack with is mounted discretely behind the blind. This blind is powered by standard rechargeable batteries. The other option is used with blinds that are roller based such as roller blinds, twist vision blinds or tri-shade blinds. Here the battery is actually situated inside the roller and is charged via a charging point as you would a mobile phone. Depending on use - recharging is required every 4 months approximately.

Where would a hardwired blind be preferable?

Hardwired blinds are preferable if you are potentially at building stage and can already have electrical connections in place. Additionally where multiple blinds are being used along say a bi-fold door run, a permanently charged supply is more likely to ensure that multiple blinds run at the same speed when operated together. In general though this difference in speed between blinds tends to be quite slight and is just due to some blinds being used more than others and potentially having slightly less charge.

Are there times when automated blinds are impractical?

Blinds such as the Twist Vision may not be ideal to motorise when there are multiple blinds in the room that are all off a different length. This is due to the stripped effect of the blinds and trying to ensure that all the blinds align in exactly the same position when they are in the closed position. Should you be looking for multiple blinds in a bi-fold door situation, for example, we can have the blinds made so the stripes are aligned.

Can I operate multiple blinds at the same time?

You can operate up to 14 blinds individually from the same remote and set up multiple groups of individual blinds. If you have a smaller number of blinds then a 5 channel remote is ideal.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.

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