Tri-Shade Blinds are often also referred to as silhouette blinds or visage blinds. The ingenious design of these blinds incorporates all the best elements of a roller, venetian and a sheer net. If you are looking for the functionality of a venetian, but would like something that sits a little softer in the window this is the blind for you.

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How Does A Tri-Shade Blind Work?

The Tri-Shade blind is made up of two layers of a lightweight, sheer fabric and this fabric is inter-layered with a fabric vane which is suspended between the two layers. The vanes come in a number of different colours and transparencies. In the closed position these inter-layered slats work just like a venetian creating a solid block but in the open position the vanes create a much lighter feel than a venetian slat and you are able to adjust the vane to temper light and control privacy. Because the tri-shade blind is fixed onto a roller you can also move the blind up and down your window recess.

Benefits Over Standard Venetian Blinds?

Compared to normal venetian blinds a width of 2.7m is possible and the fact that this is a cloth blind means the weight is much lower and therefore an easier blind to lift in the case of wide spans. In addition if you have a long drop on the blind, unlike a wood/aluminium venetian you do not have a large stack height when the blinds are in an open position.

Can A Tri-Shade Blind Be Motorised?

Yes, we offer both a hard-wired and non hard-wired solution.

What Are The Materials Available?

We have a choice of over 20 modern colours as well as wood weave effects. With materials reflecting between 11% and 74% of light back you can choose how much light you want to filter through.

The headrail and bottom bar are available in white, black, silver, cream and brown.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.

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