Twist Vision


Twist Vision Blinds are also known as day and night blinds and due to their unique two layered design give the consumer far greater control over the both privacy and light. With a range of contemporary colours this modern classic will elevate any room.

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Twist Vision Blinds - How do they work?

The blinds are designed with stripes of sheer material and stripes of opaque/solid colours. This is then doubled over and with the two layers of striped fabric moving in conjunction with each other the consumer can adjust the stripes to let in maximum light by producing a slatted look in the fabric. The opaque/solid stripes can be aligned so that they produce a solid block of colour which provides total privacy or so that the sheer stripes overlap so one can see through the blind.

In addition the blind operates like a normal roller blind and can be adjusted so that it rolls up and down the window recess. At any height the twist effect can then be put into use.

Twist Vision Blinds - Material Options?

The Great Blind Co. offers a number of different colour and opacity options. We offer sheer metallics, as well as delicate subtle tones and some amazing natural wood weave effect fabrics. With over 50 fabrics to choose from we are sure we can find the right blind for you.

Twist Vision Blinds - Motorisation

The Twist Vision Roller Blind can be automated. We offer a non-hardwired option as well which means there is no need for an electrician. Simply recharge the blind via the recharging cable and you are good to go. It is worth noting that with the Vision blind motorising a number of Twist Vision Blinds in the same room is not recommended, if the window drops are different, as co-ordinating the stripes to align when operating multiple blinds at once can be problematic.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.

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