Wood Venetian


There are so many wooden venetian blinds in the market and frankly many of them are very poor quality. Cut down blinds with too many slats for the window opening and poor quality operating mechanisms. Who has not seen shabby looking venetians with broken strings, warped slats and mechanism where the slats just won’t lift. Our made to measure Vogue Venetian Blinds are a little different.

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What Makes The Vogue Range Of Venetian Blinds Different?

The Great Blind Co.’s Vogue range of genuine, made to measure wooden wood venetian blinds has some telling features.

They are made to measure – so the drop is +/- 6mm on the drop measured. This means you don’t have a stack of slats sitting on your window cill when the blind is down. The slat ends also don’t show the tell-tale signs of a cut down by having rough edges and often not even being painted or stained.

The trapezoid bottom rail has flush mounted strings so nasty bobbly bits scratching your cill or rocking every time there is the slightest breeze and the trapezoid shape means that when the slats are in a open position you have a flat edge on the cill rather than the traditional corner of a rectangular bottom rail.

Easy lock system – you can move the blind up and down cm by cm without the need to pull the cords to one side to lock them off.

Light weight – 25% lighter than traditional blinds ensures that big blinds are significantly easier to lift.

Because our blinds are genuinely made to measure you can select the colour of the headrail, slat, strings, cords and valance design. Ask the other supplier for yellow strings, a shaped valance, a grey headrail and that you would like to custom colour the blind. All of a sudden its not possible - so simply it's not made to measure.

If you require a cut-out on the blind to maybe move around a bannister rail we can accomodate that.

The Great Blind Co. offer a range of better quality cut-downs but we are not in the market of selling blinds that last a year or two. We will bring blind samples and not just colour swatches so you can see for yourself the quality of the product.

What slat sizes, colour and tapes are available?

We have 50mm and 64mm slat available. Smaller slats take too much light out of the window and make the room dark. We have over 50 different colours of paints and stains and can even custom colour the venetians. In addition, we have over 50 different decorative and plain tapes available.

What is best if I want to mix and match shutters and Venetians?

Our made to measure blinds are made in the same factory as our shutters so you are guaranteed a perfect colour match. If you want to mix and match, then the 64mm slat shutters and 64mm slat blinds are ideal. Ask us why our blinds have the shutter look – it’s another unique feature.

The Great Blind Co. offer a free home design consultation without obligation and will bring samples of the different materials and options. Call 0800 023 5618.

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