The Petersfield Shutter Range is our mid-priced product and combines an mdf frame with a wood shutter panel which offers a couple of key improvements in terms of performance. Firstly, having a lightweight wood panel means that there is less chance of sag compared to an MDF panelled shutter and secondly the finish of the shutter panel is painted and offers a more natural looking shutter.


The Petersfield Shutter Range is a hybrid shutter than ensures great value for money. You are not paying for a premium all wood shutter such as our all singing, all dancing Winchester Shutter Range but you still benefit from a lightweight, painted wood panel which means that unlike our MDF Shutter Range we can hinge together 4 panels rather than 2. In addition the finish is a painted finish on the panelwhich many customers prefer. The lighter weight panels also mean that we can use the shutters for track systems over patio doors and bifold runs. Why not visit our sister company and see what their solutions for tracked shutters.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in shutters. They may be an addition to your home for specific windows or door runs where blinds may not be your first choice. We are happy to help and there is no obligation to purchase. Please call to book your home visit - 0800 023 5618.